Nwabisa Mayema

4 Aug

Executive Director of nnfinity, Co-founder of the Collective Genius


“I am passionate about developing female entrepreneurs across the African continent. As the Executive Director (one of two) of nnfinity, I focus on delivering knowledge and insights to multi national corporations and globally-minded institutions on social entrepreneurship and female-specific enterprise development. I am a natural networker, which allows for nnfinity to direct its efforts towards fostering the growth of female entrepreneurs through relationships and networks. I am also the co-founder of the Collective Genius, a youth-oriented consultancy in corporate social responsibility.”


Why do you want to be part of UCT Upstarts?
“Upstarts is cool because we see young people exercising their independent minds and creativity in order to provide solutions that have an impact on how we live.”

How would you ‘Re-educate Education’?
“I would re-educate education by applying a lot more common sense to how we approach issues and challenges. I would encourage for learners to spend more time getting to know themselves and others as given the rate of change in our world, the only thing that is constant is the network of relationships that we have built for ourselves.”