Kim August

15 Aug

founding partner @ the Brand Station


“These 3 questions have been on my radar for as long as I can remember. Firstly, my current challenge is definitely bigger than me yet can never be 'BIG' enough: transform corporate South Africa into a giant pool of purpose driven ventures, all truly meaningful to the people vital to their success; employees, (prospective) customers, investors and partners, everyone. Secondly, I charge the tools that I have as emotive transformer, branding diva and meaning activator with all my energy; can we agree that I'm the one? Lastly, I brew magic dust at the rhythm of my heartbeat, pumping for a South Africa full of happy workplaces, happy homes and happy people. But realistically... one day at the time; tomorrow a better South Africa.”


Why do you want to be part of UCT Upstarts?
“The ideas born today will change the world we live in years and decades from now. But too often talk about the future is trapped within narrow horizons. UCT Upstarts opens up the discussion about what our world could feel like, and inspire people to help shape it for the better. South Africa is a young democracy with more than half of the population under the age of 23.”

How would you ‘Re-educate Education’?
“I am excited about re-educating education and look forward to assisting UCT Upstarts 2016 entrepreneurs in realizing their aspirations.”