Gina Levy

24 Aug

Big-Picture Person & Founder of Supernews & Super Stage


“I’m an architect, serial social entrepreneur, documentary photographer, and writer. In other words, I’m an ideas person, problem-solver and change-maker. I use creativity, innovation, design & communication to generate NEW IDEAS that will help solve broad social challenges in South Africa and beyond. My ideas aim to raise awareness, shift paradigms, and inspire action amongst ordinary & extraordinary people. That’s why I created Supernews, a citizen-generated online news network, and it’s offshoot, Super Stage, a live social innovation platform designed to crowd-source inspiring ideas from university students in response to local challenges. ‘UCT Upstarts’ is its new incarnation, and is a joint initiative with The Bertha Centre for Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship. I recently launched Jungle, a design collective and ‘guerilla-styled make-over movement’ that re-habilitates, re-activates and re-purposes neglected, under-used or uninspired spaces into Public Interest Projects. And Translate SA is a multi-lingual product that I created to enable locals to speak “S’African”. I’m a qualified dance, and speech and drama teacher, and I speak French, a rusty Hebrew, and I’m learning Italian. You’ll usually find me yoga-ing or dancing, on a beach, up a mountain or cycling under the light of the full moon.”


Why do you want to be part of UCT Upstarts?
“UCT Upstarts is igniting a ‘Start-up Student Nation’ by mobilising a movement of Innovation-Activists, creating an Innovation Culture that literally does make South Africa work better, and driving an Innovation Economy that actually does create jobs - starting from campus! Simply put, UCT Upstarts is going to put more South African role models on the map – so watch this space”

How would you ‘Re-educate Education’?
“I imagine a New Africa as the Epicentre of Innovation, opportunity, and contribution - a place that imagines solutions the whole world is inspired by.”